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The SPORTident system will be used for time control and classification management, and GPS tracking systems for real-time monitoring of the competition.

  • The SPORTident system will be used as the official timing system; all participants must wear the chip sealed on their wrist.

  • The use of one SPORTident card per participant is mandatory.

  • Participants who do not have a valid personal chip (see table) for the competition must rent it from the organization at a cost of 2€.

  • The AIR+ feature of the stations will not be activated, so those with a SIAC card can turn off their card after passing the "Check" and thus save battery during the competition.

  • Valid Chips:

    • SI10 (numbers 7000000 to 7999999) - 128 memories

    • SI11 (numbers 9000000 to 9999999) - 128 memories

    • SIAC (numbers 8000000 to 8999999) - 128 memories

  • In case the system fails, the manual punch that all controls will have can be used to verify passing through the checkpoint. This manual system will only be validated if it is verified that the failure is from the system and not from the runner or their card.

  • In case the control is stolen, and passing through it cannot be verified, teams are authorized to unseal their mobile phone to take a photo at the control. The photo must clearly show that the point is correct, and all team members must appear in one photo or alternate the photographer and take two photos.

  • The competition can be followed live through the GPS devices carried by the teams and the intermediate results that will be published during the competition on this website.

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