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PYRENE RAID and the legend of the creation of the Pyrenees


Legend has it that a long time ago, Gerion defeated Tubal, the king of the Iberian Peninsula. Pyrene, Tubal's daughter, knowing that Gerion would come for her, fled to the forests of the plains, the dwelling place of the gods, to hide from the horrible three-headed monster.

Gerion, enamored and rejected by Pyrene, pursued her to the border with the neighboring country. Unable to find her, he decided to set fire to the vast territory, thinking that the princess would perish in the flames.

Hercules, having seen the flames of the great fire and heard Pyrene's panicked cries, rushed to rescue her, venturing into the blazing, dense forests. But it was all in vain...

The princess had died in the flames, and Hercules could not save the beautiful and beloved Pyrene. Sad and inconsolable, he covered her body with a shroud of ashes and piled large stones in the shape of a mausoleum over the body of the beautiful Pyrene.

And so, as a result of the love between Pyrene and Hercules, these magical mountains were formed, shaping the tallest peaks in Spain that we now know as the Pyrenees.

Do you dare to follow in the footsteps of Pyrene and uncover the most secret corners of the Pyrenees?

Pyrene Raid is a new sports event that will allow you to explore the most spectacular landscapes of the Pyrenees, from high mountains to enchanted forests, covering a new corner of the province of Huesca each year, recently awarded as the best European adventure tourism destination and the second-best destination in the world.

This inaugural edition, held in Valle de Tena, will be the Spanish Championship of the Spanish Orienteering Federation (FEDO) and a part of the Adventure Racing World Series (ARWS) European Series. Participants will enjoy a unique adventure race, featuring sections of trekking, mountain biking, kayaking, canyoning, and rope challenges in incredible locations.

Don't miss the first edition of Pyrene Raid, a unique opportunity to experience an epic adventure in the Pyrenees! The Magic of Valle de Tena awaits you!



Peña Guara letras blancas.png

Peña Guara is a mountain club in Huesca, Spain, founded in 1932. Over the years, it has become one of the most important mountain clubs in Spain with over 4500 members and extensive experience in organizing competitions in the natural environment. We are a club committed to promoting adventure sports in the province of Huesca and to environmental conservation.

Peña Guara organizes races of all levels, from local events to nationally and internationally renowned races such as the Gran Trail Aneto-Posets trail running race. The races take place in spectacular natural environments, traversing the forests, mountains, and rivers of the Pyrenees.

The Adventure Races organized by Peña Guara are demanding tests that require good physical condition and a high level of preparation. They are always organized with the participant in mind, ensuring they enjoy a high-quality event. 

Pyrene Raid - High Mountain Trekking (1).JPG


Valle de Tena, located in the province of Huesca, is a paradise for nature lovers and adventure sports enthusiasts. Its spectacular landscapes, varied topography, and privileged climate make it an ideal setting for the celebration of adventure races.

Surrounded by the towering peaks of the Pyrenees, this valley offers an unparalleled natural environment for the practice of adventure sports. Valle de Tena features diverse topography that presents a constant challenge to participants in an adventure race. Teams can enjoy high mountain landscapes, dense forests, and crystal-clear rivers and lakes.

An adventure raid in Valle de Tena is an unforgettable experience that combines the thrill of competition with the beauty of nature. Participants will have the opportunity to challenge themselves and explore the most secret corners of this beautiful region

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