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  • Thursday 16th May

    • 20h: technical briefing online (on YouTube) - YouTube Link

  • Friday 17th May:

    • 17:00h: registration opens at the sports area fronton in Biescas

    • 17:00h to 22:00h: logistic preparation for teams and distribution of boxes A-B and canyoning bags for Elite teams..

    • 17:00h to 21:30h: mandatory transportation of Elite teams' bicycles to the starting point (Piedrafita de Jaca) by their own means.

  • Saturday 18th May: 

    • 06:00h to 06:30h: final opportunity for the delivery of boxes A-B and canyoning bags for Elite teams.

    • 06:45h: bus transportation of Elite teams to the starting point (Piedrafita de Jaca) from Biescas (parking area near the sports zone). This transfer is mandatory and must be done using the organization's buses.

    • Race Start (Piedrafita de Jaca).

      • 08:00h Elite

      • 10:00h Aventura-Juvenil

  • Sunday 19th May:

    • 02:00h Finish Day 1 - Aventura-Juvenil categories

    • 09:00h Start Day 2 - Aventura-Juvenil categories

    • 14:00h Finish Elite and Day 2 Aventura-Juvenil categories

    • 14:30h Post-raid meal and awards ceremony​

*On Sunday all the race will be hosted in Biescas.


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