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  • Throughout the course, there will be alternating sections with free-order checkpoints and sections with mandatory order checkpoints. As a general rule, no checkpoint will be mandatory, except for specific ones (road crossings, etc.) indicated in the Roadbook.

  • All checkpoints will have a score assigned based on their difficulty and the time it takes to reach them, with the ranking determined by the team that accumulates the most points in the shortest time possible.

  • During transitions, there will be the opportunity to refill water; some transitions will have hot water for teas, coffees, or freeze-dried food, and there will be restroom facilities.

Mapa Ejemploazul.jpg


  • For Elite teams, the organization will provide 2 boxes (A and B) of approximately 100 liters each, which will be located at different transitions as indicated in the Roadbook. No Bike-Box needed.

  • The equipment for the Canyoning section must be handed over to the organization in a single, properly identified bag-backpack per team.

  • Kayaks and paddle surfboards will be provided by the organization, as well as paddles, life jackets, and seats. If any team wishes to bring their own equipment, they must transport it between the transition and the starting point of the kayak section.


*Always in race

  • Basic first aid kit (bandage, antiseptic, adhesive tape, sterile gauze, and anti-inflammatory)

  • Compass

  • Waterproof map case

  • Mobile Phone. Turned off and fully charged with pin written on the back

  • Headlamp

  • GPS tracking device (provided by the organization


*Always in race

  • Official Race bib (provided by the organization)

  • Mountain biking bib (provided by the organization)

  • Backpack with capacity to carry the mandatory equipment

  • At least 1 liter of water

  • Waterproof jacket

  • Long-sleeved thermal shirt

  • Long pants or leggings (or another combination covering the entire leg)

  • Hat or Buff

  • Whistle

  • Thermal blanket

  • Headlamp with spare batteries (mandatory only in night sections)

  • Reflective vest (mandatory only in night sections)


  • Mountain bike (full suspension recommended)

  • Mountain biking helmet

  • Rear light for mountain biking

  • Mountain biking tool kit (1 per team)


*All Categories

  • Approved mountain helmet

  • Harness (certified 12277 type C)

  • Via ferrata kit (with energy absorber)

  • Rest anchor sling (the one included in some via ferrata kits is valid)

  • Regular shoes (using mountain biking cleats for via ferrata is prohibited)


*Elite - Aventura Male-Mixed

  • Approved mountain helmet

  • Harness (certified 12277 type C)

  • Descender (8, reverso, or similar) + safety carabiner

  • Single anchor sling + safety carabiner



  • Full wetsuit

  • Harness (certified 12277 type C)

  • Descender (8 or Pirana) + safety carabiner

  • Double anchor sling + 2 safety carabiners

  • Approved mountain helmet

**Thanks to the collaboration of the local store Ordiso in Biescas, you can rent wetsuits, via ferrata kits, harnesses, descenders, and helmets at advantageous prices. Payment and gear pickup will be made during registrations.


  • Poles for trekking sections

  • Gloves for rappelling

  • Long gloves

  • Sunscreen

  • Sunglasses

  • Waterproof bag/backpack for canyoning (Elite)


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